Saturday, July 21, 2012

This is a turbo-charger. This one works. The one in my truck doesn't. So, we will be in beautiful Moses Lake a week while the Chevy dealer waits for parts. I can think of worse places to break down so we are enjoying the pool and warm weather here in Moses Hole.

It is not too often we drive over Snoqualamie Pass and find that lake on top full of water. I call it Lake Cheese because I can't pronounce the name...

Kimmy and Lilly enjoy the pool!

Nikki and Lilly...hey Nikki is growing up, what the heck happened?

Lindsay and Lilly enjoying a quick movie.

Hail in Moses Lake! That provided a good time for me to catch up on school work and the girls to watch that goofy Avitar movie again.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Olympia, WA July 16th

We were able to spend a few days at Claudia's RV Park near Olympia. We stayed here in 2009 when I was stationed at Ft. Lewis. Lindsay made friends quick and they started building a Western Washington tree house.

Woodburn, Ore July 15th

Nothing like a Michelob light, a beautiful wife, great kids and a very soft chair...time for a nap in Oregon.

Mt Shasta, CA

After leaving central California, we stopped in the KOA at Mt. Shasta. The elevation was 3600 feet, the weather was clear and it was still warm, 85 degrees. We had done some sightseeing the last time we were in the Redding area, so this time we just enjoyed looking at all the cool trees, enjoying a fresh rabbit BBQ and a well deserved rest!

Los Banos, Ca

Our first stop after leaving Long Beach was at the KOA in Santa Nella, CA, near Los Banos. The weather was great; 90 degrees and windy! Lindsay used the wind to dry her hair after we played in the large pool.

Last day in Long Beach

Dad and I having a small glass of wine for our hearts!

Jay, Kerri and Eisley

Dad and Sandy

My Nephew Evan showing off his shooting skills at a local range.

Dinner, tastes like chicken without all the bones!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I enjoyed reading one of the many books Eisley has but I have to remember not to read in the early afternoon...I will fall asleep way too quick!

Me and my #1 Dad at their home in Long Beach. We all went over to their home for a 4th of July feast and later watched some illegal fireworks in the neighborhood. I would have taken the appropriate enforcement action but darn, I'm retired now and just had to watch the great sights.

Me, Dad and Laurie's husband, Gary.

Jay and Kerri trying to find the last puzzle piece.

Nikki and Eisley

Lindsay and Earbud's

Grandma Sandy and my Cousin, Laurie Thomas